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The Las Vegas Youth Orchestras (LVYO) consists of nine separate ensembles based upon age (from 8-18) and playing ability. It is a diverse group of over 185 students from the Las Vegas valley and is an after-school program that serves the youth in southern Nevada.  Auditions are required.  CCSD students participation requires participation in ones own CCSD school music program.  LVYO is open to any private or homeschooled students.

The upper-level group, the Youth Philharmonic, performs symphonic repertoire as students prepare for entry into collegiate and professional level organizations. An annual concerto competition features a Youth Philharmonic soloist performing at the Spring Concert.

The two younger string only ensembles, the Youth Ensemble and Sinfonia, provide training for students to develop into effective orchestral players.


For the Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion students, LVYO offers a Middle School Symphonic Band program which provides students below grade 9, the opportunity to build instrument skills & enrich their band experiences. The artistry of these students is showcased by numerous public performances at key community venues throughout the year.

In addition to these programs, LVYO offers a middle school Jazz band, a Woodwind Choir, Brass Choir, Saxophone Ensemble and a Percussion Ensemble.  


The success of the LVYO is shown by over 47 of history.

LVYO is managed by the

"Friends of the Las Vegas Youth Orchestra", a  non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization.

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