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Las Vegas Youth Orchestra 

Symphonic Band

Middle School  Program


Our members will develop and improve basic musicianship skills through participation in a full band ensemble setting.  Students will refine articulation patterns, vibrato, perform scales and learn music in more difficult key signatures.  

LVYO Symphonic Band students should expect:

To demonstrate proper posture, embouchure, hand position, and playing position.

To produce a characteristic tone that is clear, free of tension, sustained, or unwavering in pitch. 

To adjust intonation and match pitches.

To incorporate tempo changes and a variety of rhythms and meters in materials being studied.

To use dynamic contrast and technical skills as means of expression

To demonstrate musical phrasing through the use of dynamics, tempo, and melodic contour.

To learn and understand ensemble skills:  blending instrumental timbres, match dynamic levels, style, and intonation.


To respond to conducting gestures in simple and compound meters. 


To maintain attendance with required materials. 


To demonstrate completion of assignments and/or practice.


Will participate in all concerts or other known performances. 


Demonstrate concert etiquette as a performer and listener. 

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