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Financial Aid Request

Fall Session 2023

Student Information

For consideration for assistance, students should write a short essay
between 200 to 500 words,
on why you are requesting  this assistance. 

Requests may be for tuition assistance, instrument rental or private lessons.

Students should focus on what music means to them and how they see LVYO  helping them now and in the future. 

Explain your commitment and continuation with your musical experience and how it affects your personal growth.

Include your name, instrument, grade, school attending, how long you have been playing and if you study  privately, and with who.

List any musical groups you belong to now or have belonged too. 

Send your essay to

Fall Session 2023 Tuition
Symphonic Band $157.50
Jazz Band / Saxophone Ensemble $202.50
Ensemble  $120
Sinfonia $180
Philharmonic Strings $270
Philharmonic Woodwinds, Brass & Percussion $405
Non-Philharmonic Winds Symphony members  $202.50

Once you submit your request, LVYO staff will be in  contact with you.  Fall tuition payments will start in July 2023.

Thank you for your request
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