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Intermediate String Orchestra

Through grade 10

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The Sinfonia further refines the students playing abilities through group ensemble and sectional rehearsals.  Students focus more on the groups ability to perform by listening to others, both within and across sections, adjusting pitches and learning to tune during the rehearsals.

More focus in placed on matching bowings and articulations, applying all dynamic markings, developing a stronger sense of individual rhythm within the group and learning to voice and balance within and across the ensemble.


Students learn to adjust to the conductor’s beat patterns and expressions, learning to phrase in an orchestral context.  Students are  introduced to different styles of playing relating to the time period of composers.

Students are expected to work on individual techniques outside of LVYO's weekly rehearsals.   Individual practice should include intonation, rhythm, bowing, and good posture according to individual ability; applying learned concepts from private lessons or sectionals rehearsals.

The Sinfonia meets on a regular basis once a week and performs three concerts per season.

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