Become a Sponsor or Partner

LVYO Donors, Sponsors & Partners

  • Building Blocks to Better Communities
  • "Branding" Their Corporate Philanthropy
  • Offering a Unique Gift to Clients
  • Forging Relationships with Youth & Arts

Sponsorship Levels

Sponsorship funds at this level may be applied as scholarship awards for participation with students of financial need for LVYO fee-based programs. It may also be applied towards special event functions/activities or concert sponsorships, should all color ad spots be unavailable.

Annual Corporate Sponsors

The Eighth Note - $4,000 - $5,999

  • Acknowledgement in concert program booklets for the current season
  • Total of 4 tickets to LVYO’s regular season (4-orchestra) concerts (Fall, Winter, Spring)
  • Full Page Inside Back Cover Color Ad in Current Season Concert Program Booklet
  • LVYO Website Secondary Web Page Listing Under "Donors & Sponsors" with Small Logo & Link

The Quarter Note - $6,000 - $7,999

  • All of the above perks, Plus
  • Total of 6 Tickets to LVYO’s Regular 4 Orchestra Concerts
  • Concert Sponsorship Mention on 1 Concert Program Booklet

The Half Note - $8,000 - $9,999

  • All of the above perks, Plus
  • Total of 8 Tickets to LVYO's Regular 4 Orchestra Concerts
  • Acknowledgement as LVYO Scholarship Donor in all Publications
  • VIP Seating at Concerts

The Whole Note - $10,000 - $14,999

  • All of the above perks, Plus
  • Lunch with Scholarship Student of Choice & LVYO Music Director or Executive Director

Fermata - $15,000 - $19,999

  • All of the above perks, Plus
  • Guaranteed Premium Color Ad Spot (Back Page) in a Season's Concert Program Booklet

Corporate Partners

Partnerships demonstrate long-term commitment and community investment in the LVYO through Concert Tour sponsorships, special project underwriting, facility assistance, instructional support and/or resources equivalent to cash value or cash gifts at the following levels:

The Symphony - $20,000 - $29,999

  • Web Front Page Bottom Logo Spot with Link
  • Acknowledgement in all Printed Publications
  • Predetermined Number of Guest Concert Tickets

The Concerto - $30,000 - $39,999

  • All of the above benefits, Plus
  • Formal Presentation of Award as Partner in Community with LVYO
  • Acknowledgement as Official LV Youth Phil Triennial Tour Sponsor
  • Predetermined Performance & Venue for Partner
  • Opportunity for a "Corporate Byte" (publishing a testimonial or personal quote (with small photo) from your Corporate Officer on Donor/Sponsor web page, with link to your website)

The Overture - $40,000 - $49,000

  • All of the above benefits, Plus
  • Naming Opportunities in Facility or in Long Term Program Offerings

Maestro - $50,000 & Up

  • All of the above benefits, Plus
  • Advertising Spot on Webpage (Size TBD)
  • Acknowledgement on Social Networking Forums with Logo & Links